Another MP admits making public leaked documents

Video evidence has come to light of another MP who has made public leaked documents. For some unknown reason, he hasn't been arrested yet despite admitting the offence on national TV. If you feel this is unfair, considering what happened to Damian Green, you may wish to contact the Metropolitan Police yourself. I couldn't possibly comment.



Douglas Alexander's Question Time gaff

As if to empathise how out of touch Labour politicians are with ordinary people and reality, on Question Time poor old Douglas Alexander said in all seriousness that men thinking of having sex with prostitutes "should think about it long and hard".

There was a brief stunned silence as the audience tried to believe their ears, followed by a lot of laughter. As a smiling David Dimbelbee quickly moved things on, poor Douglas just could not work out what the all the fuss was about.


How alike Robert Mugabee and Gordon Brown are

With the arrest of Shadow Secretary for Immigration Damian Green for leaking government documents proving how Labour's lies about immigration, the likeness between Gordon Brown and Robert Mugabee becomes even more obvious!

(courtesy of


BNP membership list

Regular readers of this site will be no strangers to my distaste for the BNP, but as they are a legal political party, I for one would like to see them represented on TV & radio as all the other political parties are. This exposure to the very fair minded British public might make them realise how distasteful some of their views are and more importantly it would make the other political parties realise how popular some of their other ideas really are. As things stand, all the other political parties and the media totally shun them and this is not good for democracy.

BNP members are rightly upset that their names and addresses have entered the public domain (the law has clearly been broken) but I suspect not for the reasons that Home Secretary Jacquie Smith would have you believe. "I'm proud to be a member of the Labour Party" she told Sky News "why are they not proud to be members of the BNP?" Unfortunately dozy old Eamon Holmes let her get away with it.

What he should have pointed out is that members of the BNP (a perfectly legal political party just like the Labour Party) face a lot of problems that members of other parties don't. Left wing groups are quite ready to use violence and intimidation against BNP members and in the first few days after the list was published, one BNP member had his car (or rather his neighbours car by mistake) torched.

He should also have pointed out that fear of losing their job is another reason a BNP member likes to remain anonymous. Anyone working for the police or government has this problem as it is said that their views are likely to 'interfere with the way they do their job'. Apparently this problem doesn't also apply to the job of Home Secretary as two recent incumbents of that position belonged to the Communist Party, a popular group renowned for murdering millions of their political opponents!

But of course double standards are still alive and kicking. It falls to the political interviewer to ensure a balanced view is maintained and some are clearly not up to the job.

Helen Newlove demands action to curb thugs

Helen Newlove, widow of Gary Newlove who was kicked to death by yobs, calls for something to be done about youth violence and disorder. What she was actually calling for was something to be done about political correctness - for it was political correctness that was ultimately responsible for his untimely death. And asking this awful government to do something about political correctness is just futile. They simply revel in it - and to hell with the consequences.

What's that? Some of you hard of thinking people out there don't see what political correctness had to do with Gary's death? Well you obviously have been walking around with your head stuck in the Grauniad and not paying enough attention to reality! So let me spell it out to you.

The rot sets in when children are growing up. They naturally want things all their own way (I know - I have a 2yr old grandson!) and they tend to misbehave to get it. Of course most of the time and with most intelligent children, reasoning works. But the others have to realise that bad behaviour is not the answer. When I was a child, a clip round the ear or worse was the method that brought us sharply back to reality. But now of course, political correctness won't let us chastise our children in this manner, so the child realises very early on that bad behaviour pays off.

When they get to school, discipline is equally lax and a child can totally disrupt a class, while warning the teacher that if they touch them then they will sue. In my day, a well aimed blackboard (sorry chalkboard - don't want to be called racist!) rubber would have brought me to my senses, or if it didn't then a caning soon would. Now of course, children rule the roost - the one thing they do all learn quickly is their 'rights'.

And finally when children grow up to be adults, they bring this bad 'I can do what I like' behaviour with them. And they find that this behaviour still works for them as the police have also been neutered by political correctness. They spend most of their time in police stations filling out forms or driving around in cars reacting to situations rather than preventing them.

And if they do get people to court, then politically correct judges advised by the politically correct 'sentencing guideline council only offer community service except in the most serious of cases as there isn't prison space to jail them. Those that are jailed are released early to make more space as the government won't build enough prison spaces.

So why should those youths with a yobish mentality behave themselves? There is no deterrent any more because political correctness has removed it all. So what chance did Gary Newlove have?

His only consolation may be that he won't have to sit and watch Labour politicians on TV lie about how much better crime has become in the last ten years!


A happy and PC free 2008 to all my readers

An update on the website.......

Hmmm some hopes - don't all hold your breath now! My apologies to all those who come to this site on a daily basis to see what words of wisdom I have ready for them, only to find that the blog has been silent for the last month or so. So please accept my apologies - both of you! There are a couple of reasons why this has been so - the great British press has at last woken up and has been pointing out the stupidity and incompetence of this useless government, so I decided to leave them to it while I made other changes to this site.

I have added a bookshop to provide further reading on the topics I cover here. I have selected a number of books which I think expand on how political correctness messes up all our lives and have added them at the bottom of the page on each topic. There will shortly also be a centralised bookshop on the site where you can view them all and also those in a similar vein. I have also started an anti-pc group on Facebook but as there are plenty of them on there already, growth is somewhat slow.

Other changes that I have made relate to search engines and this site now comes out in the top 3 on Google for most search clues which mention political correctness, politically correct or incorrect - and two 1st places if you just search in the UK. Also sometime ago I wrote a small program which tracks who comes to the site (by IP address only Gordon - so I am only guessing that it's you...) and where they came from. I then track back to that page to see what the page contains. Most come from the search engines, some from similar sites and some from forums.

I was very pleased to find that quite a few were from 'loony left' forums and it was gratifying to find that they don't like this site. In their usual smug, self satisfied way they dismiss me as 'full of hate and prejudice', they selectively quote from the site and seem determined to deliberately misunderstand what I write. The word racist seems to occur quite often as well.

So just for the record chaps, I am not a racist, just a realist. I see the world as it is and not as you do, through the rose tinted spectacles of how you would like it to be. Also I don't hate anyone (although I do get close with PC brained idiots like you). I just believe in free speech and think that if we are ever to solve our country's problems then ALL points of view must be heard - not just your 'left wing' received wisdom. If you don't agree with somebody's point of view then defeat it with argument, not by screaming racist (or other 'ist') at them or by banning them or trying to ban them from speaking.

I also think that everyone should be treated the same and get on through their own merits, not just because they belong to one of your 'favoured minority groups'. Discrimination is still discrimination even when it is termed 'positive discrimination'. The person who is best qualified for the job should get the job - not someone who just meets some left wing 'quota'. This type of stupidity is largely to blame for the degeneration of our society - particularly in the public sector - as no one has the necessary ability to do the job they have.

And worst of all, your refusal to stand up to bad and criminal behaviour (not being judgemental I think you call it?), has given licence for people to behave as they wish. Of course, it is always the innocent ordinary person that pays the price for someone else's bad behaviour.

So I am pleased you don't like this site. I don't like your smugness, your ridiculous assumption that you occupy the moral high ground and your inability to see the destructive effect your ideas have on society. After all, political correctness was started to promote the left wing ideas from Russia into Western society - Stalin then went on to kill millions of his own fellow countymen who didn't agree with these daft ideas. Eventually common sense prevailed in the USSR, communism fell and so did the Berlin wall. What a wonderful system you have when you have to build a wall to stop people trying to escape from it!


Gordon Brown's so called red lines - has everyone forgotten John Major v The EU?

The mainstay of Gordon Brown's refusal to have a referendum on the new EU constitution - err sorry - treaty has been that he has negotiated red lines for Britain. Everyone has warned him that these red lines will soon be rubbed out by the EU court but I don't think anyone has reminded him of John Major's problem in this area (my apologies if they did and I missed it).

The 48-hour week was a central aim of the EU's social chapter, over which Brussels was keen to take control in the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. The Conservative government of the day was opposed to the social chapter in general and to the 48-hour week in particular. It therefore only agreed to the Maastricht Treaty as a whole provided that the UK was allowed to opt out of the social chapter. This was John Major's "red line for Britain".

The treaty was duly signed on that understanding, but the Commission had a trick up its sleeve in the shape of Article 118a of the TEC. This article governed the health and safety of workers and had been introduced under unanimity in the earlier Single European Act that was made subject to the co-decision procedure at Maastricht; in other words, after Maastricht, we could be outvoted on matters relating to the health and safety of workers.

So the Commission asserted, despite our objection, that the 48-hour week was a proposal covered by health and safety at work and that it should apply to the UK. The Court as usual agreed, and so the UK was forced to accept the Working Time Directive after all.

John Major was so appalled by this that he wrote the following letter to Jacques Santer:

Dear Jacques,

My intention in agreeing to the Protocol on Social Policy at Maastricht was to ensure that social legislation which placed unnecessary burdens on businesses and damaged competitiveness could not be imposed on the United Kingdom. The other Heads of State and Government also agreed that arrangement, without which there would have been no agreement at all at Maastricht.

However, in its judgement today, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the scope of Article 118a is much broader than the United Kingdom envisaged when the article was originally agreed, as part of the Single European Act. This appears to mean that legislation which the United Kingdom had expected would be dealt with under the Protocol can in fact be adopted under Article 118a.

This is contrary to the clear and express wishes of the United Kingdom Government, and goes directly counter to the spirit of what we agreed at Maastricht. It is unacceptable and must be remedied.

The United Kingdom will therefore table amendments in the Intergovernmental Conference to restore the position to that which the United Kingdom Government intended following the Maastricht agreement. Those amendments will be aimed at both ensuring that Article 118a cannot in future be used in ways contrary to the United Kingdom's expectation, and dealing with the specific problem of the Working Time Directive.

I attach the utmost importance to these amendments and I shall insist that they form part of the outcome of the Intergovernmental Conference. I do not see how new agreements can be reached if earlier agreements are being undermined.

Meanwhile, I urge the Commission to refrain from making proposals under Article 118a that properly belong under the other Member States' Agreement on Social Policy.

I am sending copies of this letter to Heads of State or Government of European Union Member States.

Yours sincerely

John Major

Unsurprisingly, this letter produced no result and this is proof that the EU will easily find ways round any red lines. After all, the European Court of Justice is not a court of law. It is the engine of the Treaty and must always find in favour of the ‘ever closer union of the peoples of Europe’ ordained by Article 1. It can and does overturn British law.


Ignore Jack Straw and don't have a go - even if you are a policeman

The prosecution of a policeman over the way he arrested a knife-wielding suspect was a ‘politically correct disgrace’, a judge said yesterday. PC Lee Armstrong was accused of using excessive force on the man. The 28-year-old officer vehemently denied any wrongdoing and was stunned when the Crown Prosecution Service decided to charge him with assault.

But on the day of his trial at Bradford Crown Court, the prosecutors decided not to offer any evidence. Their decision abruptly ended the police officer’s 18month-old ordeal and left him free to resume his career in the West Yorkshire Police. But the judge, Jonathan Durham Hall, used the aborted trial to issue a stinging rebuke to the CPS lawyers responsible for bringing the case to court. He ordered that all the officer’s legal costs estimated at £16,000 – should be met from public funds. And he told prosecutor Paul O’Shea: ‘There was never any prospect at all of this gallant young officer being convicted.’

He said the prosecution ‘of yet another man doing his duty, for reasons that are best described as politically correct, is a disgrace. The Crown will pay every penny of his costs’. The judge apologised to PC Armstrong for the way he was ‘harassed’ through the courts. He praised him for his bravery in arresting the knifeman weeks after the murder of fellow police officer Sharon Beshenivsky in nearby Bradford. He added: ‘You have, if your actions are anything to judge by, a very good career ahead of you. I note that this matter took place within a few days of the random shooting of an officer on the streets of this city. ‘I cannot imagine what you have felt being pursued and harassed in this prosecution over the last few months and I am very sorry. ‘Thank you. Leave without a stain on your character.’

Hmmm - two judges berating political correctness inside one week! Is this the start of a much needed backlash?


Scientist banned from speaking at The Science Museum and suspended from job

In what I consider the nastiest occurrence of political correctness in recent years, Nobel prize winner Dr James Watson has been banned from speaking at the Science Museum and suspended from his job as director of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory on Long Island in America.

What on earth was his crime? He dared to suggest that Africans were less intelligent than whites. Dr Watson has been quoted as saying he is ‘gloomy about the prospect of Africa’ because ‘all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really’.

Scientists condemned the Science Museum’s decision not to let him speak, saying it smacked of political correctness. Professor Lewis Wolpert, of University College London said: ‘You may not like what he is saying, and it may seem outrageous, but people can cope with it and they should be able to go along and disagree.’ Professor Colin Blakemore, a neuroscientist at Oxford University, said: ‘It would be a sad world if such a distinguished scientist was silenced because of his more unpalatable views.’

Indeed they should. This man is not some BNP skinhead shouting his mouth off. He is an eminent scientist at the forefront of his field. If other scientists disagree with him then they should have the courage to challenge his ideas and test his theories, not resort to cowardly political correctness to silence him.

Science is supposed to be about the acquisition of knowledge through observation and experimentation. One of its basic tenets is that the quest for knowledge requires a completely open mind. No ideas or theories should be off-limits, but they should be examined with a cool and objective mind and challenged vigorously.

The Science Museum, an institution that contains many fine exhibits relating to the great Galileo, who in the 17th century was persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church for heretical scientific opinions, can apparently see no irony in its refusal to listen to an eminent scientist propounding a theory it dislikes.


Judge points out stupidity of 'on the spot fines'

On-the-spot fines were condemned as ‘namby pamby’ and ‘stupidity in practice’ by a judge yesterday. Timothy Nash launched his attack on the Government’s fixed-penalty policy while jailing a serial thief who stole a pensioner’s purse. Pickpocket Ann Gilheaney had committed an identical offence two years earlier, Canterbury Crown Court was told. Despite the fact that she had convictions for more than 30 previous thefts, on that occasion she had been given just an £80 on-the-spot fine.

Jailing Gilheaney, 46, for 14 months for her latest offence, Judge Nash said the fixed penalty had been the equivalent of a parking ticket. ‘It is a ridiculous approach to dishonesty because it’s unfair as far as the community is concerned. It is stupidity in practice. ‘One day we will all wake up to the namby-pamby, politically- correct approach that for economic reasons seems to be adopted to save the police paperwork – instead of letting them get on with their jobs. The issue of a penalty notice ticket for the criminal offence of shoplifting as a device is stupidity in practice. It means, not infrequently, that people don’t have their difficulties addressed by a court, which is better able to deal with shoplifters than anybody issuing what is in effect a parking ticket.’

Well it seems at last that the stupidity of political correctness has actually got through to judges. Full marks to Judge Nash for speaking out. Whether he is still a judge next week we will have to wait and see.


Police fall foul of race laws

A police crackdown on cannabis factories run by Vietnamese drug barons has been scrapped after officers were warned their actions might be racist. Officers had identified a burgeoning industry which typically operates out of anonymous rented houses in the suburbs and shires. They had planned to write to property landlords warning them to look out for suspicious tenancy applications.

But one force has been found to be in breach of the Race Relations Act after specifically referring to Vietnamese nationals in its letters. The development has infuriated detectives seeking to break the stranglehold of Vietnamese barons, who control 75 per cent of UK production of cannabis.

Again, the stupidity of political correctness helps crime flourish!


Priest interviewed about 'race hate'

A Priest has been interviewed by police on suspicion of inciting racial hatred for expressing his Christian views in his parish newsletter. Father John Hayes, 71, was quizzed for more than an hour after commenting on the case of a Muslim girl who went to court over her wish to wear a full veil in class.

A sergeant and community support officer turned up without warning at his presbytery after an allegation was made to a Scotland Yard ‘hate crimes’ unit. They said they had come to see if he had intended to incite racial hatred. the priest said. ‘I was pretty surprised. It seemed to me that political correctness had gone haywire in this situation.

A source at the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, said: ‘What happened is a gross error of judgment and possibly even an abuse of power. ‘The senior officer who decided on this course of action should be account. ‘It is yet another example of the political correctness which is blighting the Met. It is plain bonkers.’

The only real 'hate crime' is actually committed by the PC Brigade and it is the hate of free speech!


Firework night & Christmas cancelled by Health & Safety

Health and safety killjoys are threatening Britain with a Bonfire Night & Christmas blackout. Crippling insurance costs and absurd safety requirements mean many local authorities have abandoned their traditional displays. Insurers insist on strict adherence to health and safety guidelines, which require councils to use expensive specialist equipment to put up lights and test the security of fittings.

‘Towns everywhere are facing the prospect of no Christmas lights – because councils simply can’t afford the insurance. In Clevedon, near Bristol, traders have spent all year raising £3,000 for their Christmas illuminations. But they had to cancel their display after North Somerset Council ruled that lights can no longer be attached to lampposts or buildings.

In Sandwell, West Midlands, traders have been told lights cannot be hung across roads in case the cables break. And officials in Bodmin, Cornwall, say health and safety rules mean they can no longer afford any illuminations. The council was ordered to make two workmen in a cherry picker use a pressure gauge to test all 150 bolts which hold lights or cables around the town. The checks would have cost £1,200 in training fees, plus the men’s wages and the cost of the equipment. The town centre roads would have had to be closed for at least a day to carry out the tests.

In Ampthill, Bedfordshire they still have the bunting up from the town festival back in July after Health & Safety deemed it too dangerous for firemen to climb ladders and take it down, even though they put it up and have done the same for years.

How ever did we win two world wars?


Nine Inconvenient Untruths

At last some good news. A judge has ruled that nine statements in Al Gore's Oscar winning film 'An Inconvenient Truth' were not supported by mainstream scientific consensus. A Kent school governor was asking the court to ban the film on the grounds that it was political propaganda rather than scientific evidence and thus contravened sections 406 and 407 of the 1996 Education Act.

The judge allowed the film to be distributed schools as a discussion tool provided it was accompanied with guidance notes pointing out these irregularities.


7 years in jail for making homophobic remarks

Even George Orwell would be stunned at Jack Straw's new proposed legislation to jail people for 7 years for making homophobic remarks. What constitutes a homophobic remark? Well almost anything really that may offend the sensibilities of the TLG community - thus again stopping free speech & debate on important issues. With 'taking offence' now being a national pastime, it will be impossible to mention anything to do with TLG's without risking being banged up! Let us just look back over what has already happened to some of the people people who have asked sensible questions or made flippant remarks in this area.

An Oxford student only spent a night in the cells for suggesting that a police horse was gay; a Christian couple were questioned at length by police for asking if they could display Christian literature at a gay pride rally and Lynette Burrows was also interviewed by police after she suggested on live radio that gay couples should not be allowed to adopt.

This government, aided and egged on by the PC Brigade, is hell bent on creating a Soviet or Eastern Bloc state where people are afraid to speak out against the 'received wisdom' of left wing stupid ideas. This will only create more tension and discontent rather than lessen it. As always, political correctness stands common sense on it's head.


Brown bottles it

OK so it didn't happen. He bottled it. Same old Gordon Brown. Never quite brave enough - a Brown trouser job. He always drew back at the last minute from his many opportunities to get rid of Tony Blair.

And all credit to David Cameron who, as I hoped, did catch a goodly dose of blue tongue disease at Blackpool. But only under extreme pressure. Just think how well he would have done if he had caught the blue tongue disease two years ago when he became leader. Stick with the Conservative principles Dave - the only way is up!


CRE acts as 'Big Brother'

The Commission for Racial Equality has started legal proceedings against businessman Carl Lewis for calling illegal travellers ‘itinerant travellers’ in local council election literature. It is racist, they claim. According to my dictionary, ‘itinerant’ means travelling from place to place — which is what people who live in caravans usually do. So the leaflet was quite truthful. Again, political correctness is used to stifle free speech and discussion on an issue of great public concern and punish anyone who dares to challenge the 'received wisdom' of the left wing.


Blue tongue disease comes to the UK

Yes there has been a lot of it around in Bournemouth this last week and I'm hoping that it spreads as far as Blackpool by the coming week. You can tell that an election is just around the corner. First Gordon Brown caught it, then Jackie Smith and then Jack Straw went down with it.

Gordon spoke with an exceedingly blue tongue on patriotism, deportation and dirty hospitals as he tried to win over those Conservative voters that weren't too keen on David Cameron and his antics. Jackie Smith spoke of a zero tolerance on crime and then Jack Straw supported have-a-go heroes. All shamelessly now pretending to support Conservative policies that they have all dismissed out of hand before.

If the Conservatives stick to their recent policy announcements then their party conference will sound rather left wing. Gordon is truly a master puppeteer as he jerks the strings and makes the Conservatives look silly!

However, I think Gordon still has the ace up his sleeve. If he announces an election on Monday then that will wipe the Conservative party conference off the headlines and put them even further on to the back foot and even less likely to win. Also announcing it on Monday means that he can go to the country on October 25th (17 working days notice) which is before the clocks go back. That gets round his other big worry which is that apparently Labour voters don't like going out after dark (you can work that one out yourself!) Anyway, that is my prediction - anyone want a bet??


The answer to gun and knife crime?

Gordon Brown's answer to this is just more of the same. David Cameron's answer we are not sure of - hug a hoodie perhaps? My father - mentioned elsewhere on this site, came up with a good answer I thought.

"If they want to play around with knives and guns then those that are caught playing around with them should be put into the army where they can go and play around with them with the big boys - in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Regular readers will know that my father and I regularly argue about politics - him being a dyed-in-the -wool Labour man. The irony is that we both want the same result - to get rid of political correctness (or the do-gooders as he refers to them) and a return to commonsense politics - but due to his political history I can't get him to realise that Labour are the cause of the problem and not the solution.

I pointed out that although it was a great idea, it would never happen as I have no doubt that it would infringe their human rights. Funny how scumbags are always concerned with their own human rights and never with the human rights of their victims.


"PC David Copperfield" joins Canadian police force

The blogger and whistle-blower on how pathetic our police force is these days, PC David Copperfield (mentioned elsewhere on this site here) resigned from Staffordshire police in June and is joining Edmonton police force in Canada. In a Panorama program he described most of what the British police do nowadays as a complete waste of time - stifled by political correctness and bogged down in paperwork. The program visited Canada where the police act like you would expect a police force to act and processing prisoners and preparing cases take about 15% of the time they do here in the UK. The Canadian, Australian and New Zealand police forces are all targeting serving British police officers with tempting offers of ''real policing' in an attempt to lure them abroad. This would probably suit New Labour who seem hell bent on saving money by introducing the useless PCSOs to our streets. Watch the whole Panorama program here.


It's official - the police over record and under deliver

Sir Ronnie Flanagan, chief inspector of constabulary, said officers – bogged down by bureaucracy – tended to ‘over-record and under-deliver’ for fear of being accused of missing something. They are so busy chasing targets, which can be achieved by pursuing minor crimes, that they do not always act in the ‘public interest’. In a report for the Home Office, which follows four months spent on the beat with rank-and-file officers, he called for drastic changes in policing.

He wants to see a review of controversial & politically correct ‘stop’ forms, which officers must hand to anyone they stop and question in the street. These are most often presented as an example of the pointless red tape faced by officers. He said the ‘staggering’ level of bureaucracy involved in policing often goes further ‘than is appropriate or necessary’. Some is created by the police themselves, to protect officers from future accusations of wrongdoing, inquiry or scrutiny.

His comments on the way police forces are obliged to chase targets for catching a fixed number of offenders each year – regardless of their crime – were most scathing. Government rules mean punishing a child involved in a schoolyard scuffle carries the same weight as arresting a burglar, rapist or killer. An emphasis on detection levels has undoubtedly to a degree produced the unintended effect of officers spending time investigating crimes with a view to obtaining a detection – even when that is clearly not in the public interest.

Several examples of such would be:

  • low-level playground common assault.
  • a Cheshire man who was cautioned for being ‘found in possession of an egg with intent to throw’.
  • a child was arrested for throwing a slice of cucumber from a tuna sandwich at another youngster.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis was quite correct when he said Sir Ronnie had identified ten years of failure by the Government and added: ‘Under Labour, police officers spend more time on paperwork than on patrol so any suggestions that will seriously cut back red tape and put police back on the streets are long overdue. But Labour are incapable of delivering this – the truth is they are the problem, not the solution.


Labour giving the Conservatives the run around

I think it would be funny to watch if it wasn't so pitiful. Gordon pulls the strings and Call Me Dave twitches and jumps - usually the wrong way. This time it involves Margaret Thatcher - Gordon invited her to Downing Street and says how much he admires her, she being a conviction politician like him. Of course, Call Me Dave has been trying to put as much distance between himself and Margaret Thatcher as possible, so as to decouple his new Blue Labour party from the 'nasty' Thatcherite legacy. More egg on your face Dave.

First let me explain to you what a conviction politician is - it is someone who has principles that they believe in and stand by. They can't be jerked around on a string and be made to look foolish. On the other hand, when you try to be all things to all people, just in a desperate effort to get elected, then you are easy meat for an old hand like Gordon. It won't work mate. The British people can see right through it.


Fixing our broken society

This expression seems to have caught on now, although I have yet to see anyone correctly identify what the problems are or what needs to be done to achieve this. So I thought I would make a list of the ten most important solutions (I could have easily done twenty!) to help career politicians identify the 'bleeding obvious'.

  1. A zero tolerance of political correctness and a return to commonsense
  2. Repeal the Human Rights Act
  3. Withdraw from the EU
  4. Get the police back on the streets and unshackled from paperwork
  5. Restructure all of our institutions so that they run as meritocracies, not mediocrities
  6. A prison building program so that prisoners can serve the whole of their sentences
  7. Introduce a 'workfare' system so that the unemployed work for their benefits
  8. Introduce a medical assessment program to get some long term 'sick' back to work
  9. 7 & 8 above would mean we won't need many immigrants to do the jobs we won't do
  10. Accept that 'multiculturalism' doesn't work and insist immigrants adapt to our culture

Britain would become a much happier place where we could make our own laws and allow in only those immigrants that would benefit our country. We could deal with terrorists and criminals as we saw fit and also ensure that the balance in society is tipped firmly back to favour those that wanted to work hard or aspire to greater things. However, we must never lose the compassion for those genuinely unable to keep up, something that has always been a hallmark of British society.


MRSA cameras

Official figures now show that over twice as many people die each year from bugs contracted while in NHS hospitals than die on the road. If our government really was using speed cameras to save lives then wouldn't they be taking them off the roads and installing them in hospitals to photograph shoddy cleaners and staff that don't use the hand cleaning facilities at the entry to each ward? Yes, of course they would, or be doing something very similar. But in reality of course, they won't do it as the lives don't really matter to them and it would be difficult to raise the same amount of revenue. Can anyone explain to me why they don't get MRSA and C difficile in private hospitals? Is it because they would be sued out of existence?


Gordon's big conversation

In a typical meaningless piece of New Labour PR rhetoric, Gordon Brown says he wants to involve everyone in the country in deciding Britain's future. Very funny Gordon. If it were true then why don't you listen to the clamour for a referendum on the EU? It was in your manifesto and don't tell us that its not a European Constitution when all the other European leaders say that it's 90% - 98% the same stuff. Even the unions are calling for one; the Conservatives want one and (amended 15th Sept) even the Lib-Dems want one. So what you really mean is that you want to pretend to listen to the people but you will ignore them when they don't give you the answer you want!


Tar & feathering a drug dealer

A drug dealer was tied to a lamp post then tarred & feathered in Taughmonagh, Northern Ireland. Locals said they were fed up with the police taking no action against the drug dealers which were poisoning their children and their community and so decided to take some action themselves. The drug dealer has gone into hiding and is not expected back in the area. The police however are not amused. Listen guys, it may be non-PC for the community itself to take action but it is caused by the frustration of years of PC non-action by you.


The Lib-Dems call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants

Trust the Lib-Dems to come up with the stupidest idea of the year so far. Very nice people, the Lib-Dems but the word 'naive' was probably invented to describe them. Nick Clegg, their Home Affairs spokesman accused both the government and the Conservatives of sticking their heads in the sand over the problem of illegal immigration. He said an amnesty would bring in £1bn in taxes and save on deportation costs. Nice one, Nick - you can almost hear the next wave of illegal immigrants packing their bags and setting off to our shores! One reason we already suffer more illegal immigration than other countries is because of politically correct twerps like you. They come through all the countries of Europe to get to the UK because they realise they have much a better chance of remaining here in our politically correct system.

Look out the window Nick - the country is full. Look at the congested roads, schools & hospitals; look at the high house prices and how we need several hundred thousand new homes already. I think it's you that is burying your head in the sand Nick and you are talking through your only orifice which remains above ground!


The shooting of Rhys Jones

I am loathe to say what I think about the teenager that shot poor little Rhys Jones otherwise I will get another flood of emails from the PC Brigade telling me I shouldn't be so judgemental and that all lifestyles are equally valid! I will just have to content myself with just reviewing the interesting reactions from politicians.

Full marks go to David Cameron, who has for once sounded like a leader of the opposition and has been saying the right things. But why only now David? True, this is a monumental tragedy for his family but to the rest of us it is nothing more than a continuation of events which has seen a string of stabbings and shootings throughout the last year or so. Where have you been? Why don't you expose this sham of a government's complicity in all of this every day? Their failure to get the police back on the streets, failure to build prison places, their early release scheme, their obsession with the human rights of the criminal and not of the law-abiding, their worthless headline grabbing schemes which produce no results or which are quietly dropped; they have done everything to encourage the wave of anarchy which exists in this country today. You never know David, people might vote for you if they thought you would be different and actually do something about it!

No marks go to Jackie Smith, the Home Secretary for her display of tears on TV. Was she crying for the tragic loss of young Rhys or because she realised that the policies of her colleagues who held her office before her and the government in general is indirectly responsible for the event?

Marks away though for Gordon Brown, who just promised more laws and tougher action on guns and gangs. Why do we need new laws Gordon? Hand guns have been outlawed for over ten years but the only people it seems to have inconvenienced is our olympic team, who now have to go abroad to practise. Every criminal can still pick one up for £50. What we need is for you to drop your politically correct attitude and start making the police and the courts get tough with these scumbags.


Not a single Government department is for purpose
Immigration system is utterly shambolic says Senior Judge
English girl barred from Government job because she is wrong kind of white

These three stories coming so close together caught my eye as they all have a common theme of political correctness running through them - positive discrimination.

In the first story, the influential Public Administration Select Committee says there is a ‘lack of leadership’ at the top of the civil service and ‘serious deficiencies’ in the way Whitehall carries out its business. Not one ministry is fit for purpose says the MPs’ report.

In the second story, a senior immigration judge describes the whole immigration system as utterly shambolic from start to finish. She says the people involved do not have the "requisite brains" to run the system. This is a charge that has been leveled at the Home Office many times before.

The third story gives us the reason why government doesn't work any more - social engineering, quotas, positive discrimination - call it what you will.

Abigail Howarth, 18 a science student has been banned from applying for a training programme with the Environment Agency because she is white and English. The recruitment agency handling the scheme told her that there was no point in submitting an application because of her ethnic background. But bizarrely she could have applied if she had been white and Welsh, Scottish or Irish.

Abigail, of Little Straughton, Bedfordshire, said: ‘I was really disappointed. To be told being “White English” ruled me out in my home county shocked me. I really wanted to work for the agency and I was very excited – followed by feeling very disappointed. ‘I would not have minded had I been beaten for the position by somebody better able than me.’

And there in lies the stupidity of political correctness. The government will turn down better qualified and more able people for a job just to fill some mythical politically correct quota system. If we want this country to work correctly then we always need to give the job to the best qualified person regardless of race, colour or background.

The government applies this same 'social engineering' lunacy to our universities and insists that they take the 'social background' of the pupil into account when allocating university places. Peter Morris, a senior official in the Professional Association of Teachers, accused the Government of trying to rig admissions against those whose parents have degrees or well-paid jobs.

The political interference in university selection is, he claimed, crude social engineering. ‘ How can any academic institution make selection of candidates for university courses based on the perceived social class of the parents?’ he asked.


BBC is a fake

Everyone seemed so surprised when the BBC was caught doing fake phone-in quizzes, faking the Queen storming out of a photo session and faking a caravan fire in Top Gear. Why surprised?

The BBC has been faking the news for donkey's years. When I say faking the news, I don't mean manufacturing fictitious incidents. I mean 'spinning it' - putting a blatant left wing or politically correct bias on it. For instance, if a black man was stabbed by a white man then this would be given prominence and the colour aspect would be included but if it were the other way around then the item would probably be a late item and the colour aspect would definitely not be mentioned. Also subjects like global warming are continually presented as if there were no debate over the causes and the EU is always portrayed in a favourable light.

The BBC has always denied it in the past but a recent internal report has now admitted that these claims are true and staff are guilty of letting their own political bias colour the stories. This needs to be stamped on if the BBC is to survive. We are all forced to pay for the BBC through a licence fee whether we watch its output or not.

So when the BBC is referred to by its detractors as the 'Blair Broadcasting Corporation' or the 'Brussels Broadcasting Corporation', we at least know that the BBC itself admits that it is with just cause.


UK teens the worst in Europe

Shock - horror! Who would have thought it?

In our PC society, where children are legally protected from any sort of discipline both at home and at school, what can you expect? They very quickly realise that no one can touch them and often threaten to sue teachers or make sexual allegations against them if they get in their way. When they leave school, this behaviour is now entrenched - "I am supreme - no one can touch me!" Now they have alcohol to fuel them up even more - is it any wonder that we get so much trouble on our streets at nighttime?

Of course, if they had been subject to normal 1950 style parental discipline at home and 1950 style teacher discipline at school - it just wouldn't happen. I knew what would happen if I stepped too far out of line then and it wasn't pleasant.

Just another example of how political correctness has ruined our lives......


1000 'superbug' victims per week in the NHS

A National Audit Office report estimates that there are 300,000 NHS hospital contracted infections last year and 5,000 deaths as a result. This equates to an infection every two minutes and a death every two hours. Meanwhile the chances of catching MRSA in a private hospital remains negligible.

Some improvement is reported in Wales which, according to the BBC, is due to bringing cleaners back 'in house' rather than on a contract. This last point baffles me. Why does who pays you your wages cause a decrease in infections? Are they suggesting that private contractors pay their staff with infected money?

At the end of the day, someone is actually cleaning the ward and someone is responsible for ensuring it is done to the correct standard. Therefore whoever is responsible for ensuring it is done to the correct standard is failing us. But PC also plays a part here - many of these cleaners are immigrants from ethnic minorities who speak little english - and of course we can't treat them harshly otherwise the old racist argument will be thrown at you.

The whole 'superbug' issue only continues to exist because the NHS is a public body. If it were a private concern they would be sued or fined out of existence in a very short space of time. Can you imagine what would happen if the public visiting Tesco were picking up a life threatening illness every two minutes and one was dying every two hours? The store manager would be sacked if it turned out that it was a hygiene problem, the company would be hit with a massive fine and ministers would be on TV calling for corporate manslaughter charges to be presented to the company's directors. Just look at what happened to Cadbury when they had a hygiene problem that affected 40 people (none died); they were fined £1 million.

That's why the chance of catching MRSA in a private hospital remains negligible!


Bye-election disaster for Conservatives

The results of yesterday's bye-elections are a disaster for "David Cameron's Conservatives" (as they described themselves on one ballot paper) and show that the electorate see no need to vote for a party with no clear principles and no clear policies. If voters want 'more of the same' then why vote for Blue Labour when they may as well just stick with New Labour and see how Gordon Brown does.

Listen David, a party without policies is just unelectable (see results) but a party without principles isn't even a party anymore. A political party is a collection of people joining together around a common set of ideas. So sort out some principles you believe in (hopefully the traditional conservative ones you pushed in the 2005 general election) and go for it. If the people don't like them and don't vote for them - then it's up to you to convince them that your principles make the most sense. That's what politics is!

Ealing Southall
Labour 12,528 Labour 15,188
Lib-Dems 5,572 Lib-Dems 10,118
Conservatives 4,082 Conservatives 8,230
BNP 2,494 Green 1,125

There was a swing of 11% from Labour to the Lib-Dems in Sedgefield but only 5% in Ealing-Southall.

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