An Englishman's home is his castle - not in the PC Brigade's England it's not! Burglars apparently have rights and householders don't seem to. Again the PC brigade manages to stand reality on its head! So what should you do if you wake up and find burglars in your house at night? Have they come to take your property or perhaps to murder your children or rape your wife? Surely you should protect your family and your property and eject or arrest these unwanted visitors? You may only have the one chance to attack them before they attack you? Surely this is just common sense?

Well common sense it may be but be very careful. After a lot of bad publicity, MP's threatening to bring forward private member's bills and some criticism from outgoing senior police officers, the Government at first said it might change the law but then just issued a very confusing pamphlet to householders advising them what they can and can't do when they find an intruder in their homes. The best advice still seems to be to carry your property to the front door and help them pack it into their car lest they might slip and hurt themselves in the process and end up suing you for their loss of (burglary) earnings. You are allowed to fit a burglar alarm and strengthen your home against attack provided you don't do anything that might harm the burglar trying to gain access - fitting broken glass, razor wire or electric fences will land you in serious trouble.

Paradoxically, the police are usually happy to help here, giving you advice so you don't go too far!! However, it's only the well off that can afford to make their houses like a fortress and in fact it is the poorer of society that get burgled most. The Police also have little interest in helping you anymore - a call to them will probably just get you a crime number so you can claim on your insurance (if you could afford it in the first place!) In some Police Forces now they even refuse to give you a crime number at all unless you can actually prove something is stolen! This is just a cynical attempt to reduce their crime figures! This PC "thinking" comes from the left in politics - a Robin Hood mentality - a sort of redistribution of wealth. It starts from the premise that you shouldn't have or display all that wealth and therefore it is obvious that someone will try to take it away from you. The PC Brigade seem to think this is OK. The law now treats shoplifting of goods under £200 as a fixed penalty ticket offence - so theft has been reduced to the same sort of level as parking offences.

Residents of Hampstead Heath were bemused in May 2004 when a top Home Office civil servant had her car broken into and sensitive documents (about Maxine Carr) were stolen as she attended a birthday party in a nearby pub. Seven police cars turned up to help look for the stolen property, they actually found it and later arrested someone in connection with the crime!!!!! One resident said that although cars on the heath were broken into all the while, this was the first time they had seen even one (let alone seven) police cars attend the scene and actually apprehending a thief was unheard of. Darren Jacobs, 33 and a heroin addict, has since pleaded guilty! A great result but why don't they take that amount of interest EVERYTIME!

The type of crime that happens varies. The government never ceases to tell us that crime overall has fallen but in fact violent crime has increased dramatically in the last few years, while burglaries have actually decreased. But this has more to do with manufacturers than the government or the police. Cars are now fitted with immobilisers as standard so if you want to steal a car it will have to be an old one. Also the price of videos, DVD players etc has plummetted so why break into a house and steal one?

Gun and knife crime have rocketed up and are now an every day occourence. Stabbings rose from 3,500 in 1998 to 5,500 in 2007. Carrying a knife is now routine for a lot of school children, so much so that in inner city areas children have to enter school by going through a metal scanner the same as are used in airports. The worse schools even have police officers permanantly stationed on the premises.

Yet despite it being an imprisonable offence to carry a knife in public, last year only 995 of the 6,320 people convicted were actually sent to prison - probably because there wasn't the space.

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