The PC Brigade

PC Police

Some say that the PC Brigade doesn't exist and in a sense I suppose that it doesn't. I don't expect they join up in an Army with the express purpose of making the country worse. They are just 'people' with that same patronising attitude and that wonderful sense of 'Hey, we are spreading some good in the world'. When I was a child, I think the few around then were probably known affectionately as do-gooders. Within this site, the term 'PC Brigade' is just a convenient term to describe them collectively. (For further info, see the definitions section here.)

I think that their hearts are in the right place but unfortunately their brains aren't. They have such high ideals but lack the worldly knowledge and experience as to how the world works and how people think. They speak on behalf of people who really don't want them to (such as the blind). They punch way above their weight. They don't seem to realise that nearly all of their wonderful ideas actually make things worse rather than better. They stand reality on its head. Society just keeps getting worse because of them.

Some examples:

They hate racism but screaming 'racist' at everyone who asks legitimate questions about immigration just stifles debate. If debate is silenced then people understandably express their concerns in a more direct way - hence the rise of the BNP - hence situation worse......

They don't want to smack children, even though this instills a respect for authority into them at an early age. The children quickly learn that they can do what ever they want to and so go on to disrupt classrooms and stop other children learning. As they themselves don't learn much at school, they are most likely to become criminals when they become adult and raise more children in the same vein - hence situation worse.......

They want more 'ethnic minorities' in the public services so they set 'quotas' - that is they 'positively discriminate' - which means they discriminate against the people they don't want. Yet discrimination is the very thing they consider such a sin. The result of this is that they may not have the best people for the job and they upset the existing workers - hence situation worse....

I could go on but surely even a PC person would have got the idea by now!

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